About Us

Innovation relies on two legs: technology and business.

Whilst technology has evolved amazingly fast over the last thirty years, business seems to have lagged. But with the Cloud Economy, this is changing. New business rules are proliferating, stimulated by legacy-free startups, and are inspiring a reinvention of many industries around the world beyond the IT.

This is to ease the process that we have created Lemon Operations, 12 years ago, with a continuous success since.

Headquartered in Paris, France, the company has worked as a global actor from day one. Our team of Business Makers are operating in four continents, 16 languages and run programs in 80 countries. Over the last two years, we have worked with more than 2000 companies, being IT channel partners, IT vendors, IT distributors, Independent Software Vendors, and with an increasing number of Industrial and Services Companies that are willing to translate their technology into business.

What is
Lemon Operations?

Lemon Operations is a Business Design and Enablement Company. Our job is to work with our customers in the definition or the refinement of their offers and their commercialization to benefit from the Cloud Economy.

We specialize in business involving advanced technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, 3D Design and Printing, among others.

Most of our work is sponsored by leading IT vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, HPE, IBM, Autodesk, among others. Hence, we run our business enablement services in a technology context. 

Unlike consulting companies, our programs, delivered live or virtually, are designed to allow our customers to reach the best outcomes within the shortest amount of time. Therefore, our content and tools are constantly sharpened to integrate best practices, advanced learning, and effective insights. For example: our P&L simulator allows companies to quickly visualize their short- and long-term profit based on customer value, pricing, cost, and sales assumptions.

All our sessions are developed and delivered by our team of Business Makers, more than 30 business experts with proven track records in international management at IT companies

Scope of 








Companies willing to shift to the Cloud Economy without a clear idea of their offer to this end


Companies having an offer idea and looking for the best way to implement it

Companies having an offer live and willing to further refine it to boost the sales

Companies with an offer that generates good sales and willing to accelerate expansion





As opposed to a very segmented support focused on one topic only such as finance, strategy, or sales, we drive a very comprehensive approach that includes all the following topics. As we are refining goals with the customer, we may narrow our scope to address the most important priorities.


  • Alignment of offer with core company strategy

  • Short-term and long-term milestones definition

  • Roadmap and areas of focus


  • Relevant offers aligned with the company  strategic goal and the sponsor'solutions portfolio

  • Categorized by type of customers and process to improve


  • Major and minor value proposition

  • Offer positioning

  • Direct and indirect competition

  • Compelling reason to buy


  • Customer-value pricing

  • Recurring pricing / subscription

  • Flat rating

  • Profit simulation & optimisation


  • Productization

  • Change management

  • Dynamic PLM and roadmap

  • Plan of record


  • Innovation marketing

  • Selling to Line of Business

  • Sales Incentive

  • Business Automation


  • Post-transaction customer management

  • Churn, expansion and renewal management

  • CS 3.0 and success framework

  • CS metrics and organization

Our Team

Lemon Operations is structured around two entities

Ground Control is our central entity, located in Paris and in charge of program development, account management, finances, operations, and administration. It is a nimble team that ensures the quality consistency of our programs and their execution.

Spaceship is our decentralized entity that comprises all our Business Makers who run our programs all around the world. All our Business Makers have in common:

  • A 15+ years of experience of business management in the IT industry

  • International background

  • Certified ability to assist companies in the design and commercialization of their offer with the highest standard

Thanks to this very agile structure, we can assist customers everywhere in the world, following the same content red line and with a one-stop shop for programs delivered globally.

Becoming Business Maker

Would you be interested in becoming a Lemon Operations Business Maker?

Our Business Makers have 3 missions:

  • Assist our customers around the world in the definition and the commercialisation of their offer

  • Engage with customers and sponsors to propose our services

  • Contribute to Lemon Operations content, tools and strategic thinking

It is a mission-based role that is compatible with other activities of your own such as consulting, sales development, marketing or reasearch.

To become Business Maker, candidates must fulfil the following criteria:

  • 15+ year experience in international business management in the IT industry

  • Proven track record in business or product launch

  • Leadership and coaching management capability at the highest level

  • Excellent speaking and presentation skills

Once admitted, applicants will be proposed a solid training program with certification and shadowing steps.

Being a Business Maker is a very excited role that allows experienced managers to freely organise their time, contribute to industry transformation, and enable customers to achieve more.

For more information, contact info@lemon-operations.com