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IT Distributor

We want to increase our added value to our vendors and customers by proposing business-ready offers"

We provide fast-forward programs to trigger and reinforce your business enablement services, to get your customers to define or refine an offer
involving your vendor solutions 
within 90 days.




Setting up usage-ready and repeatable offers involving your vendor technology to accelerate and scale your business


Get ISVs to embark your vendors solutions and your services to reach business goals that comply with the rules of the Cloud Economy

Enabling all categories to apply best-in-class Customer Success strategies and tactics to build and grow a sustainable recurring business 

A comprehensive journey

All  programs  are following the same pattern

Share with them the best business practices in the Cloud Economy
Propose them business scenarios involving your vendors and your services
Enable them to design or refine their value proposition,  business model,
go to market and operations
Assist them in the construction of their offer from a business perspective, with the support of your sales and technical teams


Prepare them to present their offer to you to co-engage and further accelerate the ramp-up
Business Innovation Programs
All programs address decision makers of your customers. 
They can be executed either virtually or face-to-face
Your target
Small and Medium size customers
Between 1M€ revenues to 50M€
Large customers
Above 50M€ revenues
Your goal 
Enabling them to build/refine one or several offers,involving your vendors solutions and your services, that will be live within 90 days
Recommended Program
1-to-few sessions with up to 5 companies and 5 people per company
1 offer per company
Sprint Workshop  (2 days) plus individual follow up meetings
1-to-one sessions with up to 15 attendees 
Up to 3 offers per company
Sprint Workshop  (2 days) plus follow up meetings
Average return
Average pricing
Confidentiality and emulation
30K€ * 5 companies in the first year.
2,2 M€ over 5 years
 ~15K€  per session
All included
High customisation
100K€ in the first year.
1,5 M€ over 5 years
 ~15K€  per session
All included
Business Performance Programs
Get more from your partners , your customers and your teams
Enable your customers to set a best-in-class Customer Success strategy and planning
Get members of your team to teamwork with a  a customer to learn about the Cloud Economy and set an offer within 90 days. Up to 15 Duets per session
Enable your team to understand and apply the best business practices of the Cloud Economy
Inspire your customers about the new leading principles of the Cloud Economy
The most flexible option to follow up after one or our core programs and customise business support for your  customers
Why working with us?
Global and local. For international organizations, we run our programs centrally while preserving the local implementation. 
Augment your added value to your vendors and customers. Business design assistance is an increased request with a limited number of actors.
Transformation. Rapidly changing technologies constantly require your customer to transform and adapt. We are your asset to make it happen. 
Promote your own services/platforms. We ensure to integrate those in the content of our programs.
Accelerate and scale. By setting up their own repeatable offers or implementing a sound customer success plan, your customers will increase their business and yours.
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