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Business Presentation

You are an...

Industrial & Service Company

We have invested in advanced technologies
and we want to define relevant business offers "

We provide fast-forward programs to enable you to structure the best business approach for your offer such as "Product-as-a-Service" and make it live within 90 days.


Applying a new business approach that complies with the rules of the Cloud Economy to accelerate and scale your business an increase your company valuation


Defining your Customer Success strategy and tactics to enable your customers to achieve more and strengthen your recurring business

A comprehensive journey

All programs follow the same pattern

Share the best business 
practices in the Cloud Economy
Propose relevant business innovation options 
Enable you to design or refine your value proposition,  business model,
go to market and operations
Assist you in the construction of your offer from a business perspective
Prepare the launch of your offer to further accelerate the


Business-in-a-Box Programs
All programs address decision makers 
They can be executed either virtually or face-to-face
Your goal 
Enabling you to apply the best business approach to your offer, such as "Product-as-a-Service" that will be available to the market within 90 days
Recommended Program
1-to-one sessions with up to 15 attendees 
Focus on business aspects of the offer
Sprint Workshop  (2 days) plus follow up meetings
Average return
Average pricing
High customisation
300K€ in the first year.
5 M€ over 5 years
 ~15K€  per session
All included
Business Performance Programs
Get more from your partners , your customers and your teams
Define a best-in-class Customer Success strategy and planning for your subscription business
Inspire your customers and teams about the new leading principles of the Cloud Economy to set the context of your own vision
The most flexible option to provide you on-demand business enablement services when you need them
Why working with us?
Business Mindset. Unlike consulting companies, we are business people focused on your business, with the goalof achievement fast and tangible outcomes.
Comprehensive. Business is a mosaic. Our programs address all relevant company domains and functions that are instrumental to the success.
Product as a Service. Uniquely positioned to assist companies in shifting their business model to “as-a-Service”
Tools and Methodology. To structure your value proposition, your business model and your go-to-market, and to simulate your profit based on various business assumptions.
Best practices. We have worked with hundreds of manufacturing and services companies in the design and commercialization of their new offer.
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