The new era of Innovation

We often tend to take innovation for granted. We are use to innovation and we hardly get surprised by the fact that a new technology is being introduced. No matter how disruptive it is.

Nevertheless, innovation has changed and the IT industry has been dramatically impacted by related phenomena over the past 20 years at least.

As we look at the pace of innovation, we cannot avoid to witness a huge increase in the number of “major innovations” we have experienced in our lifespan. As a matter of fact, we have being impacted by more innovations which are much more powerful and disruptive than in the past.

How the new era of Innovation has changed the IT Industry

The increasing pace of innovation has led to huge impacts for the IT Industry, that are changing the way we are selling and bringing technology to the markets every day. A first effect creates an impact on IT sales. If the innovation lifecycle is shorter than amortization process (and this seems to be the case at the time being, with a major innovation coming after another every 2,5 years) then it is going to be much more difficult to sell projects exploiting the latest innovating set of technologies. A second effect is impacting customers at first and IT sales as a consequence. The ever increasing rhythm of innovation has made much more difficult for customers to understand the inner value of every innovation wave. As a paradox, the more innovation is fast, the longest the adoption lead time could be, since customers will tend to be severely overwhelmed by new information. Other effects will apply and are actually creating an impact on the IT industry. Far from being an issue for IT Companies worldwide, the new landscape of the IT Industry is a wonderful opportunity, already being exploited by thousands of players all over the world and maybe the dawn of a new revolution…


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