7 Successful
AI Business Practices

The Lemon Operations White Paper Series

Among all amazing technology innovations that we have the chance to inaugurate, Artificial Intelligence plays a specific role. It allows the IT industry to shift from enablement to empowerment.  Please download the White Paper and continue reading.

The AI Playfield
Knowledge has an economic value. The AI playfield can be defined as the area where the value of information is higher than the cost of getting it.


Why Focus is the Name of the Game
An AI solution excels in a limited scope. Most often it is industry-related, but it could also be linked to a function like finances, sales or HR, or simply a
well-defined process. Whatever it is, it is preferable for a partner to demonstrate track records there.

Outcome-Minded Skills
Every translator knows two languages: the one it translates from and the one it translates to. Same skills are required for AI business specialists. They need to grasp the core principles of the AI technology but more importantly they need to understand how it converts into a customer value.


Dynamic AI Management
For a number of years and potentially decades, AI will remain one of the fastest evolving technologies. So how can we provide solutions today to customers as we know that technology may obsolete them in less than a year?