Considering innovation as a source of business is a perfect illustration of how value can be created from the overwhelming pace of change that technology is now infusing in our daily lives.

And it is true that technological innovation is now being used by hundreds of thousands of companies around the globe to provide transformation and business results to fast-changing industries such as Retail, Finance, Manufacturing. Just not to mention all the other ones…


So what is the Lemon Operations difference?

Lemon Operations focus provides a results-proven method dedicated to add a new engine of revenue to IT Companies all around the world. Cloud Computing and other major innovations such as Big Data and Internet of Things are intrinsically introducing new business models that can be exploited by Vendors, Resellers and System Integrators by creating new ways of doing business.

New innovations are appearing every now and then. Some of them are changing the way we live and the way we work. When this happens, new business vehicles can be created so that customers do not need to bother any more about buying technology through the traditional mean of a “project”.

Lemon Operations helps IT Companies to provide their customers with business models based on the paradigm of “continous innovation”. Recurrent revenues and undisputably high business growth are the advantages that Lemon Operations clients get in a very short amount of time, by building their “usage-ready” offers.

How to become a super-hero with Lemon Operations?

Thousands of IT Companies across the world are working with Lemon Operations in order to start pursuing new success stories and to enlarge their markets. The way these companies are working is based on principles we call the 5 Top Practices of Channel Superheroes:

  • Offers built must be usage-ready and encourage long-term deals (to know more)
  • Pricing level should reflect the users’ perception of value (discover the concept of ROV)
  • Pricing mechanism should be simple, often flat and adaptive (what is the flat rate?)
  • Offers should be industrialized and personalized at the same time (how to build them)
  • Access to offers must be based on a self-service mode (how business automation will change the world)

Speed matters

Thousands of IT Companies have started to work with Lemon Operations since years and most of them are now successfully operating one or more “managed services” following the new approach.

Stay in touch with us and please consider that the IT Industry is changing after a number of other industries have transformed themselves in the past. The “as-a-service” business model is already available in several other markets such as Telecommunications, Transportation, Music, Utilities, Publishing and unexpectedly also in more and more other traditional segments. You can wear “glasses as a service” now, why Information Technology should not be available in the same easy way?


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