Why adding a new engine is a must in IT

The economics of the IT sector have shown significant changes of “momentum” in the past few years. Although the global broader Information Technology market reached the record figure of 3.5 trillion US Dollars in 2017 (Source: Statista), especially IT services have been switching from the status of growth to a situation of steep decline quite often in the last decade.

As a result, modern IT players tend to adopt strategies dedicated to stabilize their turnover in services and to enlarge their addressable markets.

Adding new engines to already successful businesses has become a must for IT Companies all over the world, especially thanks to the new concept of “usage-ready offers” made available by the increasing diffusion of Cloud Computing technologies and not only.

How IT Companies are doing it

Lemon Operations has a significant experience in helping IT channel partners to add new engines to their business. Most of them have been able to build new sections of highly profitable businesses by packaging some Vendors’ technologies with their Intellectual Property (IP) and their services. Setting their market objectives well beyond their traditional territory with the help of a standardized offer and digital marketing has provided additional benefits. Focusing on new concepts such as the Return On Value (or ROV) has also been a constant point of success for those companies.

What you can do

Adding a new engine to ICT Companies is the focus of Lemon Operations. You can be supported in several innovative ways in order to match your organizational constraints. We advise you to drop an email to info@lemon-operations.com with your request and we will let a Business Maker be available for you…