The era of Project-based IT

IT and Technology Companies all over the world have based their fortune on the capacity to marry their competencies with strong project management skills. The importance of listening to customer demands has been witnessed over time by the raise of a plurality of sales methodologies dedicated to ask the right questions and to put the answers in a proactive context.

Project-based strategies have driven hundreds of thousands of professional companies for decades and will continue to do so in the next coming years. Still, as we experience how the technological innovation is changing our life on a daily basis, we might have the right for some business innovation as well…

Business Innovation in IT

As a matter of fact, business innovation in IT has already happened and it is now becoming mainstream. We are all used to assist to complex IT projects where hundreds of mandays and several technologies are involved in order to build a solution that did not exist before. We are all familiar with the concept of ROI, the beloved indicator of every senior IT sales professional wanting to sparkle enthusiasm in the customer’s team.

At the same time, we are all becoming more and more familiar with concepts such “as-a-service” or “recurring revenue” or even “subscription-based”. These concepts have now become a part of our professional and personal life and everybody is using them to describe new technological offers such as a cloud storage service or a music streaming facility.

The IT business world is being populated by a new form of entity: the “usage-ready” offer, a different way to buy and use technology if compared with project-based implementations. An example? When talking about a cloud storage service we might want to build our own private cloud facility by the means of a project that could last for weeks or we might decide to buy some space online and have it available after seconds.

Every IT Company can build its own Usage-Ready Offers

Lemon Operations is specialized in helping IT and Technology companies to build their own offers. The purpose of this “Offer-based” strategy is not to disrupt the existing and flourishing project-based business. We are keen on adding an additional engine to successful businesses and this is where the concepts of “usage-ready” and “ROV” kick in.

Projects will still be at the core of the IT business for the next coming years. Our opinion is that usage-ready offers will be as well very important for your company and will help you to accelerate your growth, as many of our customers can witness.

” We reset our approach after our last workshop and launched the product. Currently, we have a pipeline of about several millions that we are trying to push and close.
Opportunities from our reps are coming in every week.

You can join the set of several thousands of companies working with Lemon Operations to build their Offer-based strategies just by dropping an email to We will help you to discover how Offer-based and Demand-based strategies can work together and improve your business in just a few weeks. Every IT company can do so, why not…?