Why building “usage-ready” offers

Building “usage-ready”offers is becoming critical in order to cope with and exploit the ever changing landscape of the IT Industry nowadays.  IT Companies all over the world can introduce a minimal business innovation in order to increase the velocity of their business with the help of Lemon Operations.

Usage-ready offers, once introduced, can help any IT Company to exploit the right synergy between “Demand-based” and “Project-based” strategies as well as to provide other benefits such as opening new markets, introducing a new stream of business, ensuring long-term growth of company value.

Which are the key elements of success of “usage-ready” offers

Many IT Companies are now building “usage-ready” offers and managed services, in order to modernize their offering portfolio and target markets beyond their territory. Not all usage-ready offers are all the same, of course, and Lemon Operations have defined a number of criteria that will surely drive your offer to the level of excellence your company needs:

  1. Comprehensive solution – a “usage-ready” offer should encompass a comprehensive solution including devices, applications, IP, services to address a recurring business usage
  2. Value Pricing – setting the price as a subset of the value the offer is generating to the customer rather than as the addition of cost + margin
  3. Flat Rating – recurring subscription with a user/usage flat rate, all included with little to no upfront cost
  4. Industrialization – operational framework to deliver the exact same offer to the largest number of customers
  5. Business Automation – online customer experience from prospection to acquisition, account management and post sales

What you can do in order to become a Super-Hero

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