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Business Innovation Speed

Innovate your Business Model! 

Upgrade your business to generate new streams of recurring revenues
with advanced practices like Business-as-a-Service,
and leverage digital solutions to elevate your contribution to customers.

Our preset business frameworks and sprint services proven by thousands of companies in 80 countries will save you valuable time and effort while dramatically improving your chances of success. 

"Lemon Operations consistently delivers sessions that stimulate thinking about my business in new ways and provides practical plans and materials to effect change.”

Kerry Corlett –  CEO & Founder –  ANNEX PRO

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Our Products and Services

Our Preset Business Models, which we call Business Destinations, are comprehensive frameworks designed to help companies set up or improve their business. Leaders can choose the most suitable model based on their strategy, capabilities, and capacity. These models cover all aspects of running a business, from strategy and operations to pricing models and go-to-market plans.

Our Business Destinations have been tested and proven successful with thousands of organizations. They can be applied to any company size or vertical to save time and increase the chances of success. We prioritize customer-centric, recurring, repeatable, and evolutive practices in all our models. For instance, our Business-as-a-Service model has shown its resilience and value for both the customers and suppliers. 

No matter what industry you are in, whether it's IT, Manufacturing, Retail, or Finances, we have a blueprint that can help you differentiate your business. So why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of our proven models?

Business Destinations

We design and refine Business Destinations that cater to customers and channel partners. Targeting market untapped opportunities and inspired from success stories, they facilitate implementation  and increase success rates.

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Business Innovation

Developed and run by business leaders for business leaders, our collective and individual sprint sessions help you select and reach your Business Destination. We use advanced tools such as our P&L simulator to allow you to evaluate the  impact of any decision regarding pricing, costs, and operations for your future business.

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Deep Dive Sessions

Our Business Deep Dive sessions are designed to immerse leaders in new ways of driving business. Topics include Customer Success, Profit Optimization, and Business Automation. 

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Business and Digital Together

We work closely with top digital vendors and their partners to connect business and technology implementation and speed up readiness. Our integrated sessions are designed to produce quick results within 90-day milestones. As our Technology partners often sponsor our services we may offer the most cost-effective sessions with a high return on value. 

Our sponsors include:
Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Autodesk, HPE, HP Inc, Dell, Cisco, IBM, PTC.

Juan Pablo de la Torre - General Manager - Autodesk

"One of the best experiences I have had on my +27 years in Sales. A business oriented - real one - workshop that allow our Partners to craft a new cloud solution in 2 days... amazing."

Our Team

Our team of 50 skilled and seasoned executives, known as Business Makers, is located all over the world. Our mission is to assist hundreds of companies annually in creating and enhancing their economic models in 18 different languages. 

Many company leaders have been motivated by recent success stories, but are also searching for more resilient business approaches. According to Forrester Research, "76% of CEOs believe that their businesses will be unrecognizable in five years. They think in terms of recurring revenue and subscription models." However, the process of implementing these changes can be daunting and costly.

Therefore, we propose a new approach to business transformation that is both affordable and effective. Instead of lengthy, custom and expensive processes, we offer preset models that are quicker to implement and have a significantly higher chance of success. 

We believe it is our responsibility to provide affordable and practical support to company leaders to help them innovate their business and increase their contribution to customers.

Case Studies

Assisting Small and Medium Size Companies in the Development of their Business-as-a-Service

  • Large-scale program that includes assessments, enablement workshops, and follow-up services to help SMBs transform their business model.
  • Partially sponsored by leading Cloud Hyperscaler

"Exceptional Session, I am sure it will help us grow generating new business opportunities and improve, perfect and grow in all the current ones."

Manuel Rosas –  Director –  SOLINCO


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To join us as a Business Maker?

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